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Civil-Partnerships and Civil-Marriage: The French Way

Goodness, to my detriment I am severely out of the loop. Especially as it has a significant impact on my viewpoint concerning marriage and civil partnerships in the UK legal system. France have been offering civil partnerships to same-sex and … Continue reading

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Same-Sex Marriage: A Matter of Social Status

Cameron this week has again voiced his intentions to allow same-sex marriage. Predictably, there has been a rather vocal backlash from religious groups and cultural conservatives. Equally, there have been responses made to them from LGBTQ, cultural liberals, and equal … Continue reading

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A Thought Experiment in Sex, Gender, and UK Marriage Laws

Here’s a thought experiment in the legality of UK marriage: A man and a pre-op transgender woman (man identifying as woman) outwork their relationship essentially as male and female, in a religious context. They are only extended the right of … Continue reading

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Milgrom on Leviticus 18:22

Finally, it is imperative to draw the logical conclusion of this discussion for our time. If my basic thesis is correct that the common denominator of the entire list of sexual prohibitions, including homosexuality, is procreation within a stable family, … Continue reading

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Sexuality and the Anglican Churches of Brighton and Hove

Changing Attitude Sussex will soon begin a survey of Anglican churches in the Brighton and Hove area, part of the Diocese of Chichester, to produce a ‘Which Church?’ guide concerning attitudes towards those who identify with the LGBT community. The … Continue reading

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The Death of Institutional Christianity

“I have no concern for what is happening in institutional Christianity today. It is, in my opinion, little more than the final dance of rigor mortis. Today’s church spends its energy in losing battles about such things as authority, scripture, … Continue reading

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