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Science of Biblical Interpretation: (3) The Uselessness of Certainty

[This is Science of Biblical Interpretation Cognitive tool-kit article (3). The mini-series is explained here.] In his article for This Will Make You Smarter, Carlo Rovelli discusses the Uselessness of Certainty (read online here). Uselessness of Certainty Rovelli writes: Lack … Continue reading

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Biblical Theology and the Authority of the Canon. Or; Why Don’t We Incorporate Other Religious Texts?

Essay word-counts are the bane of my degree; I always have too many things to say, usually because I do enjoy my tangents. The following post is an introductory section that I had to excise from a recent essay regarding … Continue reading

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Sexuality and the Anglican Churches of Brighton and Hove

Changing Attitude Sussex will soon begin a survey of Anglican churches in the Brighton and Hove area, part of the Diocese of Chichester, to produce a ‘Which Church?’ guide concerning attitudes towards those who identify with the LGBT community. The … Continue reading

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Spong and the Ontology of God

Despite finishing Spong’s latest work, Jesus for the Non-Religious, I am still left wondering what he actually thinks about the ontology of God. It felt like he was working up to it, but left it vague and fluffy. He rejects … Continue reading

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Leviticus 18: Using the hermeneutic principle "General-specific-general"

I’m not a Rabbinical scholar; I’m not a rabbinical student; I’m a (christian) theological student. Forgive me for my mistakes in what follows. Or rather, take it up with BZ who wrote a post on the matter. It is his … Continue reading

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Paul, Romans and the Jewish ‘Law’ of the OT

A lecturer has just said something quite inflammatory concerning Jesus bringing an end to the Law outlined in the OT (Rom 10:4) and beginning a new period of a semi-subjective ‘law’ under the Spirit. There is no need to hang … Continue reading

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