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Driscoll: Mis-Projected Metaphors, Yom Kippur, And Fulfilment In Jesus (Pt 2)

The previous post dealt with the misuse of metaphor and models when interpreting biblical texts. What follows is a reading of the Yom Kippur ritual found in Leviticus 16, in its cultural, social context. [Apologies for the length: It is … Continue reading

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Maimonides, Mikveh, and Meaning in Ritual

It is plain and manifest that the laws about uncleanness and cleanness are decrees laid down by Scripture and not matters about which human understanding is capable of forming a judgement; for behold, they are included among the divine statutes. … Continue reading

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Eucharist and ritual symbolism

Ritual actions and objects have power because of the symbolism and imagery we place upon them. As we perform rituals we are making physical something that may otherwise be intangible; we bring into existence a relational connection, facilitate a change … Continue reading

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