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Driscoll: Mis-Projected Metaphors, Yom Kippur, and fulfilment in Jesus (Pt 3)

[This is pt 3. See: Pt 1 : Pt 2.] Mark Driscoll is correct; Jesus fulfils the ritual system: the shapes and colours of the Yom Kippur festival are focused and made vivid in the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. … Continue reading

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Driscoll: Mis-Projected Metaphors, Yom Kippur, And Fulfilment In Jesus (Pt 2)

The previous post dealt with the misuse of metaphor and models when interpreting biblical texts. What follows is a reading of the Yom Kippur ritual found in Leviticus 16, in its cultural, social context. [Apologies for the length: It is … Continue reading

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Driscoll: Mis-Projected Metaphors, Yom Kippur, And Fulfilment in Jesus (Pt 1)

Mark Driscoll blogged about viewing Jesus through events in the Old Testament. One of the events examined was Yom Kippur. Unfortunately he missed the more correct meaning of the ancient Israelite festival as he viewed the text through the lens … Continue reading

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Leviticus: I Like it Here

A student, on finding his Rabbi, day after day, examining the pages of the Leviticus Talmud, asks “Why are you preoccupied with this text?” The Rabbi replies, simply, yet profoundly, “I like it here.” I, too, like it here. I … Continue reading

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Milgrom on Leviticus 18:22

Finally, it is imperative to draw the logical conclusion of this discussion for our time. If my basic thesis is correct that the common denominator of the entire list of sexual prohibitions, including homosexuality, is procreation within a stable family, … Continue reading

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Leviticus 18: Using the hermeneutic principle "General-specific-general"

I’m not a Rabbinical scholar; I’m not a rabbinical student; I’m a (christian) theological student. Forgive me for my mistakes in what follows. Or rather, take it up with BZ who wrote a post on the matter. It is his … Continue reading

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