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Driscoll: Mis-Projected Metaphors, Yom Kippur, and fulfilment in Jesus (Pt 3)

[This is pt 3. See: Pt 1 : Pt 2.] Mark Driscoll is correct; Jesus fulfils the ritual system: the shapes and colours of the Yom Kippur festival are focused and made vivid in the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. … Continue reading

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Maimonides, Mikveh, and Meaning in Ritual

It is plain and manifest that the laws about uncleanness and cleanness are decrees laid down by Scripture and not matters about which human understanding is capable of forming a judgement; for behold, they are included among the divine statutes. … Continue reading

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Jesus the Zygote

It’s Christmas, the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus and the incarnation of God. As the carol goes “Pleased, as man, with man to dwell; Jesus our Emmanuel”. Such mysteries inevitably get me pondering. The logistics of God becoming … Continue reading

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Eucharist and ritual symbolism

Ritual actions and objects have power because of the symbolism and imagery we place upon them. As we perform rituals we are making physical something that may otherwise be intangible; we bring into existence a relational connection, facilitate a change … Continue reading

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Spong and the Ontology of God

Despite finishing Spong’s latest work, Jesus for the Non-Religious, I am still left wondering what he actually thinks about the ontology of God. It felt like he was working up to it, but left it vague and fluffy. He rejects … Continue reading

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Spong’s Christology

“God is not a heavenly judge. God is a life force expanding inside humanity until that humanity becomes barrier-free. This was the God revealed in the fullness of Jesus’ humanity. It was a new God definition that shifted our old … Continue reading

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Leviticus 18: Using the hermeneutic principle "General-specific-general"

I’m not a Rabbinical scholar; I’m not a rabbinical student; I’m a (christian) theological student. Forgive me for my mistakes in what follows. Or rather, take it up with BZ who wrote a post on the matter. It is his … Continue reading

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