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Science of Biblical Interpretation: (3) The Uselessness of Certainty

[This is Science of Biblical Interpretation Cognitive tool-kit article (3). The mini-series is explained here.] In his article for This Will Make You Smarter, Carlo Rovelli discusses the Uselessness of Certainty (read online here). Uselessness of Certainty Rovelli writes: Lack … Continue reading

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Driscoll: Mis-Projected Metaphors, Yom Kippur, and fulfilment in Jesus (Pt 3)

[This is pt 3. See: Pt 1 : Pt 2.] Mark Driscoll is correct; Jesus fulfils the ritual system: the shapes and colours of the Yom Kippur festival are focused and made vivid in the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. … Continue reading

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Driscoll: Mis-Projected Metaphors, Yom Kippur, And Fulfilment In Jesus (Pt 2)

The previous post dealt with the misuse of metaphor and models when interpreting biblical texts. What follows is a reading of the Yom Kippur ritual found in Leviticus 16, in its cultural, social context. [Apologies for the length: It is … Continue reading

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The Goal…

The goal of Jewish law is to be the grammar of living. Abraham Joshua Heschel, God in Search of Man: A Philosophy of Judaism

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Same-Sex Marriage: A Matter of Social Status

Cameron this week has again voiced his intentions to allow same-sex marriage. Predictably, there has been a rather vocal backlash from religious groups and cultural conservatives. Equally, there have been responses made to them from LGBTQ, cultural liberals, and equal … Continue reading

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Jesus the Zygote

It’s Christmas, the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus and the incarnation of God. As the carol goes “Pleased, as man, with man to dwell; Jesus our Emmanuel”. Such mysteries inevitably get me pondering. The logistics of God becoming … Continue reading

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Eucharist and ritual symbolism

Ritual actions and objects have power because of the symbolism and imagery we place upon them. As we perform rituals we are making physical something that may otherwise be intangible; we bring into existence a relational connection, facilitate a change … Continue reading

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