Evangelical Alliance Marriage Briefing: ‘Inaccuracies’ in the Video

A few days ago I posted about a few issued I had with the EA Marriage Briefing document.

This time I want to address two of the issues I have with the content of the video.

At 1:50 Steve Clifford says:

Sadly, David Cameron and the coalition government, without a manifesto commitment, or even as it now appears, an authentic consultation process, has decided that they are going to change this fundamental part of how we do society together.

Once again, ‘misleading rhetoric’ is being used.

Manifesto Commitment:
It may not have been a key issue of the Conservative manifesto during the 2010 UK election, or one that was heavily debated, but it was laid out in the Conservative Contract for Equalities. This document was published before the election.

On page 2, it states:
This contract for equalities will be central to what we plan to do in government.

On page 14, it states:
We will also consider the case for changing the law to allow civil partnerships to be called and classified as marriage.

Authentic Consultation:
An authentic consultation process is being held, and can be accessed through the Home Office website. The government is not offering a referendum on the subject, and never promised one. The consultation is to help the coalition government best implement same-sex marriage. The consultation is designed to listen to the thoughts and opinions of members of the public, especially religious groups, who are listed in the ‘intended audience’ list.

They acknowledge the implications for some religious groups, and want to work with them to be able to express their beliefs under the new system. And I say ‘some’ groups quite deliberately. The Liberal Jews, Quakers, and Unitarians, have wanted to perform same-sex marriage for quite some time, but have been held back by the UK law. Christian groups who are staking a claim on marriage, and want to be able to define UK law, are in fact denying other religious groups their religious freedom. Even within the evangelical umbrella, there are groups who favour same-sex marriage as a normalising of same-sex relationships alongside different-sex relationships.

Concluding Thoughts:
Once again, I think it is a shame that the Evangelical Alliance is not providing accurate information, and is misleading people who may see them as being a reliable and informed source. Scaremongering and emotional manipulation should not be a tactic for a large and influential Christian organization.

Additionally, it should be noted that a legal change in the definition of marriage does not directly affect evangelical theology. Those with certain beliefs about marriage will still be able to hold them, and practice them. equally, the general population cannot be forced to act Christian by forcing UK legislation to mimic a certain theological viewpoint.

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