Frankly, I Am Fed Up

Frankly, I am fed up with ‘other worldly’ Christian spirituality, with the piety that leaves people feeling alienated from their own selves, their bodies, and from the physical world of nature. I have had enough of the guilt-ridden religion that makes a misery of lives and fails monumentally to celebrate the gift of life. I want to stand on God’s good earth and know that I belong. I believe in a God who inhabits bodies, who is comfortable with human passion, who dances to the rhythms of nature and feels the beat of a lover’s heart, who feasts on friendship and drinks to the health of our planet, who sees the plight of the poor and needy and never says, ‘There, there. You will be all right when you go to heaven.

Tomlinson, Dave, Re-enchanting Christianity, Norwich: Canterbury Press, 2008, p.92.

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