Spong’s Christology

“God is not a heavenly judge. God is a life force expanding inside humanity until that humanity becomes barrier-free. This was the God revealed in the fullness of Jesus’ humanity. It was a new God definition that shifted our old view of an external force into something found at the centre of life. The being of this God calls us to be; the life of this God calls us to live; the love of this God calls us to love. Jesus lived the life of God. That is why we proclaim that in his life the source of life was seen. In his love the source of love was seen. In his courage, which enabled him to be fully human, the ground of all being was seen. That is the experience that the word ‘incarnation’ was created to communicate. It is not a doctrine to be believed so much as it is a presence to be experienced.

For far too long the theistic God has blinded us to the God of life, love and being, who emerges at the heart of humanity and who is the ultimate depth of meaning of the Jesus experience. The call of Christ for me has thus become a call to journey beyond every barrier that shackles and limits our humanity and its potential. Jesus was not divine because he was a human life into whom the external God had entered, as traditional christology has claimed; he was and is divine because his humanity and his consciousness were so whole and so complete that the meaning of God could flow through him. He was thus able to open people to the transcendent dimension of life, love and being that we call God.”

Spong, John Shelby, Jesus for the Non-Religious: Recovering the Divine at the Heart of the Human, New York: Harper One, 2007, pp.274-275

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