The Death of Institutional Christianity

“I have no concern for what is happening in institutional Christianity today. It is, in my opinion, little more than the final dance of rigor mortis. Today’s church spends its energy in losing battles about such things as authority, scripture, women, sexuality and homosexuality, about which its history reveals it knows very little. It is the anger that is both overt and covert inside institutional Christianity that is most revelatory of its current status. When an institution spends its time defending the indefensible, when it abdicates its responsibility to seek now forms in which to proclaim its essential truth, when it offers its world either a Jesus enshrouded in mythology that violates everything we know about our worldor no Jesus at all, when it extols unity over truth, then it is clearly time for either the death of that institution or a bold new direction. Surely there must be another way.”

Spong, John Shelby, Jesus for the Non-Religious: Recovering the Divine at the Heart of the Human, New York: Harper One, 2007, p.238.

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