The consciousness between the molecules

     ‘Listen.’ The elf leaned forward over his knees and spoke in a hushed voice. ‘Humans be governed by the limits of their own spectrum. Yous do not see the infinite vibrations between. If ye ike, we be exist between yer finites. Understand me?’
     ‘Forget the senses yer know about- yer could when you were little. Those five senses are too dense, they have no finesse’
[The missing dialogue sees the elf’s dialect smooth out]

     ‘And because we choose to remain hidden… and your senses are not in tune with ours, we remain invisible to humans. Most of the time, anyway. We live in different dimensions, you and I, but there is a link. To begin with, though, you have to understand that the cosmos consists more of energy and consciousness than it does of physical matter.’

     ‘Unfortunately, the more materialistic humans have become- the more civilized, you would say. Pah!- the more you’ve lost sight of the grand consciousness. If you gave it proper attention, you’d be amazed at how logical- and how wonderful- it all is.’ He shook his small head sadly. ‘You’ve chosen otherwise, though.’
     Thom spoke up. ‘I don’t get it. Why would we do that?’
     ‘Human contrariness. It’s the way you are. Some of you can’t even appreciate fine music, art beautiful prose.’

     ‘You’ve lost the ability, y’see, to understand that the consciousness is the thing between atoms and molecules and particles, the unseen glue that holds everything together. It has it’s own patterns-billions, trillions, ans whatever comes next… and it’s consciousness, which is energy, that binds the patterns and forms shapes, matter, if you like.’

Herbert, James, Once…, London: Macmillan, pp. 198-200.

I never thought something so profound would appear in a James Herbert horror novel. Maybe a bit too panentheistic [Note: not pantheistic] for some, but nothing can be perfect. And it is about faeries, after all.

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